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Everything About Plants

Here you have all the plant related information offered on this website. Listed below are several categories of information. Click on any one to see the articles available to you. Browse through them all and become a plant expert!

Bookmark the Plant Profiles section for future visits.

Not sure what plant will suit your location? Click on Selection Guides for guidance.

Concerned about your health? Look in Plants in the News to see how plants can make you and your environment more healthy.

  • Plant Profiles   ( 222 Articles )

    Welcome to the Plant Profiles section of the website. Here you will find care sheets for over 200 plant varieties. 

    To find a particular plant, if you know the name or even part of the name, type it in the title filter field. Your desired plant should show up in the search results. You may need to try a few times.

     For plants in a specific category such as ferns, or palms, just type that in and you will get a page or several pages of profiles that fit that search category.


  • General Plant Care Info   ( 4 Articles )
    General Care including articles about Light, Water and other elements of plant environment.
  • Plant Selection Guides   ( 12 Articles )

    Select plants based on several factors including Light, Temperature, Watering Preferences, Location, etc.

  • Plants In the News   ( 3 Articles )
    Read up on plants for healthy buildings, plants at home, plants and crime, etc.
  • Plant Problems   ( 3 Articles )

    Check the health of your plant and use these articles to help you diagnose plant problems. There are three good articles here regarding Pest Management. As each setting requires individual solutions, you will see separate articles for each.