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Algerian Ivy

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algerianspider02 Algerian Ivy is one of the most versatile ivies available. It has larger leaves than a typical "English" ivy. It is more drought tolerant, bug resistant, and is more adaptable to warmer temperatures than its "English" counterpart. You will find Algerian ivy in deep green and green and white varigations. They grow well in outdoor summer plantings mixed with annuals. We have grown them in mixed hanging baskets with spider plants with great success.

Its large leaves and reddish stem lend it well to larger topiaries and trellis forms. [We had a 10" green algerian trellis in the office that we torture-tested in very low light levels (20 footcandles). It did very well considering it was watered on average once a month. It even put on new leaves at this light level. ]

LIGHT: This plant thrives in medium to bright light. Even in lower light conditions it can survive and grow. Varigated forms will keep their color if given bright conditions.

TEMPERATURE: This plant grows well in average household temperatures and as high as 90° if shaded. It will survive temperatures as low as 40° if it is not overwatered.

WATER: Keep this plant evenly moist with slight dry-down between waterings. It is important to water carefully in low light and cool environments. Algerian ivy uses less water when cool and dark, as do most plants.

Algerian ivy is usually available in 4" and 6" pots as well as 8" hanging baskets. It is also available at times trellised in 10" pots and occasionally as topiaries.