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ARALIA - Polyscia

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Most Aralias appear to be oriental trees with twisted stems and attractive foliage. They make excellent specimen plants, however large plants get quite expensive. When available, it is more economical to buy a smaller plant and care for it properly although it will take years to develop the gnarly trunks you will see in the larger specimen plants. There are several varieties including the Balfour (green or varigated, round leaves); Parsley (ruffled, roundish, short leaves); Ming with it's lacy, delicate leaves and the common False Aralia which some say resembles marijuana.

Aralias can be finicky plants if proper conditions are not met. Most Aralias like it warm and bright. They also prefer high humidity.

LIGHT / TEMPERATURE: Provide bright light such as an east or west window out of direct sun. Place it where it stays warm, at least 55° in the winter. Grouping plants together on humidity trays and/or using a humidifier will keep the humidity at an acceptable level. Avoid cold drafts and don't move Aralia plants around as that will cause them to shock and have to re-acclimate

WATER: Water plants moderately from spring to fall and less in winter. Allow to dry slightly between waterings. Do not allow the plants to become soggy. Mist leaves in the morning to help maintain humidity.

These beautiful, graceful plants can be found in 4" pots but are most often available in 6" and 8" pots. Specimens of most varieties (the most expensive) can be had in 10" or 12" pots.