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This miniature citrus tree is known for flowering and bearing fruit at the same time, providing the home grower with an abundant display of deliciously scented flowers, green fruit and orange fruit simultaneously. Of the citrus family, this is best suited for indoor growth, as most of the other citrus varieties tend to be be very large before fruiting.

TEMPERATURE: To produce fruit, these plants, with their medium-green glossy leaves, will need warm temps, not below 50° in the winter.

LIGHT: They need a bright, sunny location with moderate humidity.

WATER: Water moderately all year round. Mist the leaves occasionally.

Repot if necessary in the spring when new growth is getting started.

These plants are available in 6" or 7" pots on a seasonal basis.  For the last couple of years they have been in quarantine from U.S. shores to prevent the infestation of domestic fruit crops with insects not native to this country. This means there is a shortage of these plants to the point of being almost nonexistent.