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Fuzzy Jew - Cyanotis somaliensis

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Fuzzy Jew is a compact, succulent creeper with silvery green, fuzzy stems and hairy, fleshy, triangular leaves. This interesting member of the tradescantia (wandering jew) family produces small, purple flowers. Treat it like other tradescentias.

TEMPERATURE: Wandering Jews like to be kept between 65 and 75 degrees with a minimum temperature of 50 degrees. They also like to have a well ventilated area.

WATER: Water when dry to the touch. Keep soil evenly moist but NOT WET. Reduce water during the winter months.

LIGHT: They like to be kept in a bright area. Wandering Jew will tolerate some direct sun, but be careful of the hot afternoon sun.

Propagate from stem cuttings.

At this time, there is very limited availability.