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GINGER -- Edible Varieties


Ginger is native to the warm, moist forests of tropical Asia. The best commercial edible ginger is grown in Jamaica. Ginger is fairly easy to grow from tubers purchased at local grocery markets. Pot the fresh ginger tuber in a peat and potting soil mix. Watch for new growths of reedy shoots. This makes for a beautiful houseplant with an oriental, tropical appearance. And, when you need fresh ginger, just poke into the soil (once you have a mature plant) and slice off a chunk. A mature plant in a 10" pot can grow to 6 feet or more and will eventually bear clusters of creamy white, fragrant flowers.

LIGHT: Give your ginger partial shade similar to the dappled light it would receive in its native Asian forest. If you want to really boost growth, find a shady spot outdoors in the summer and it will really take off.

WATER: Keep the soil moist. In the summer, if your plant is in full growth, you may need to water daily.

TEMPERATURE: Normal summertime temperatures are what this plant likes. If grown outdoors, bring in before any danger of frost.

AVAILABILITY: Ginger is rarely available in 10" pots.