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Homalomenas are a recent plant introduction which should be loved by homeowners and interiorscapers alike. These members of the Aracae family are easy to care fore, disease resistant, and tolerant of stress and low light conditions. The leaves and stems range in color from deep greens to coppers, burgundies, and reds. Semi-heart or heart-shaped leaves which shine as though waxed are common to this variety.

In nature, these plants are found in the tropical and humid climates of Columbia, Costa Rica, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia and the Philippines.

LIGHT: Like their relatives, the Philodendron, these plants enjoy medium to low light conditions. They maintain their best appearance, however, in medium light intensities. Too much light will cause burn spots of the leaves.

TEMPERATURE: Provide optimun temperaturwes between 60-90°. These plants will, however, survive temperatures as low as 40° without damage.

WATER: Homalomenas do not like to be dry. When watering, saturate the soil. Good drainage is important so make sure the plant is not sitting in water. Fertilize regularly with a liquid plant food at the recommended strength.

This is a specialty plant that is occasionally available in 6" pots.