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HOYA - Wax Flower/Star Flower

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Hoyas are pendant plants with thick waxy leaves 1 to 3 inches long and come in green or variegated and smooth or krinkly. Two of the newest varieties are Salwesii with round leaves and Kintiana with long, narrow leaves. Older varieties include Pink Silver, Krimson Hoya and Hindu Rope.

LIGHT: Hoyas need bright indirect light. A south facing window with either a sheer curtain or outside obstruction is ideal.

WATER: Water when dry to the touch. They can go a long time without water, but the leaves will start to shrivel. If still underwatered the leaves will drop. Reduce water during the winter months. They like high humidity with good air circulation. Misting is beneficial but do not mist during the blooming time.

Flowers are fragrant and long lasting. They have a sweet nectar and grow out of little stubs which should NOT be removed after flowering as this stub may flower again.

Hoyas can attract mealy bugs, although regular showers will help control this.

Hoyas are readily available in 3" pots and 6" or 8" hanging baskets. On occasion, they may also be available on hoops or trellis' in 6" pots. Newer varieties are just becoming available in 6" hanging baskets.