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LAKEVIEW JASMINE -Jasminum Murraya Paniculata

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The Lakeview Jasmine, with its vibrant dark green foliage and small, white fragrant blooms will generally bloom from spring to fall and may require a pruning after flowering.

LIGHT: It is a great plant for medium to high light interiors or in partially shady locations outdoors.

WATER: Provide a fairly generous amount of water during the growing season and allow for good drainage. Lakeview Jasmine benefit from being fed weekly with a mild fertilizer. This plant enjoys high humidity, so frequent misting during the winter months is excellent.

TEMPERATURE: Keep night time temperatures moderate (50-60°) and a bit cooler during the winter season.

This plant is readily available in 3" and sometime in 4" and 6" pots. Seasonally, they may also be available in blooming-size 10" pots as bushes or trees.