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Money Tree / Pachira Aquatica / Malabar Chestnut

The Money Tree is also known as the “Pachira Aquatica“, or "Malabar Chestnut." The Money Tree is a very hardy tree that can vary in size from small Bonsai to 7 feet tall. It is native to Central and South America where it often grows in swamps. It will grow in bright light or low light. It prefers being well watered, but can handle being watered less often. Due to its easy care requirements, this plant will thrive indoors or out.

The plant gets its name due to the fact that it has five leaves on each branch, symbolizing the 5 fundamental Feng Shui elements : Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Often they are grown as a clump of 5 intertwined trees. Since this kind of plant symbolizes good wealth, nowadays, people believe it not only brings green color into your room, but also brings luck and fortune to any household, business or person you care about.

CARE: To keep your lucky Money Tree happy, keep the soil on the dry side. Do not overwater. Place in a moderately bright location. This plant can handle a couple of hours of east sun or filtered sunlight in a south or west window. Keep the temperatures between 50° and 90° and your plant will flourish to bring you luck for many years to come.

SOME NOTES OF INTEREST: The tree has long been popular as an ornamental in Japan. In 1986, a Taiwanese truck driver first cultivated five small trees in a single flowerpot with their trunks braided. The popularity of these ornamentals took off in Japan and later much of the rest of East Asia. They are symbolically associated with good financial fortune and are typically seen in businesses, sometimes with red ribbons or other auspicious ornamentation attached.