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Native to the Rain Forests of South America, Philodendrons are ideal indoor plants. There are two types of Philodendrons:  those that spread and those that climb. Phillys come in numerous leaf shapes, sizes and colors. If you are looking for an easy care plant thateasily  adapts to household conditions, this is the plant for you.

The most common climber has sweetheart-shaped, green leaves and is mostly seen in hanging baskets or climbing on poles. Some of the more common spreading Philodendrons include Red Emerald, Hope Selloum and many other hybrids. Some unique forms include Swiss Cheese and the glistening Scindapsis.

LIGHT: Philodendrons like shade and must be kept out of direct sunlight. Variegated varieties need a little brighter light than the green varieties.

WATER: Water thoroughly during the summer and keep barely moist during the winter. Provide good drainage. Philodendrons like moist air so misting is beneficial as long as you provide good air circulation.