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SANSEVIERIA - Mother-in-Laws Tongue/Snake Plant - New Varieties!*

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Sansevieria is the plant to choose when all else fails. Also known as Mother-in-law-Tongue or Snake Plant, it has fleshy, sword-like leaves with gold edges or other variegation. Under excellent conditions, you may be favored with blooms. The flowers are tiny and numerous and are borne on a single or branched raceme. Some of the shorter, stouter varieties are often lumped together and  referred to as birdsnest sansevieria.

TEMPERATURE: Sansevieria likes average temperatures but no less than 50 degrees in the winter.

WATER: Water moderately between spring and fall. Allow soil to dry down between waterings. It can miss a watering or two with no damage done to the plant. In the winter water only every one to two months. Over-watering is about the only thing that will kill your Sanseveria.

LIGHT: Sansevieria will grow in sunlight or shade but they prefer a bright location and prefer a little sunlight.

Repotting is seldom needed. When it cracks out of its current pot, then it's time to replant.

To propagate, cut off a piece at the base, allow to dry before putting directly into soil. Another option is to divide up the plant.

These plants are often available in 3", 6", 8" and 10" pot sizes. Plants with * are available in 6" pots.