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Silver Squill aka lebedouria sicialis (of the liliacea family)

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Silver Squill comes to us from South America and Africa. This unusual succulent boasts beautiful leopard-spotted leaves that are fleshy and hold water. It does bloom, throwing wiry stems with cones of buds that open into tiny, non-descript flowers. The showy foliage is the main reason it is grown. And showy is what this plant is!

LIGHT: Silver Squill prefers direct sunlight, but tolerates light as low as 25 foot candles. (You can't even read in that amount of light!) Give it a bright, sunny windowsill and it will be happiest.

TEMPERATURE: This plant is not real fussy. If you can maintain a minimum temperature of 55° and max of 85°, it will be fine.

WATER: Treat as a succulent. Water when soil is dry to the touch.

OTHER: Potting mix should be well draining. Use a peat mix with sand added. Plants can be divided when new growths start. Water sparingly until established.

AVAILABILITY: We grow this plant in 4" clay pots. It is available on a seasonal basis.