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Stephanotis is a woody vine-type plant with large, thick and waxy foliage. A profuse climber, this plant is known for its beautiful cluster of 8 - 15 fragrant white flowers. A support system is required from early on.

This plant makes a striking porch or patio specimen. Flowers develop on recent growth and are dependent on light intensity and temperature. High light and long days and warm settings are definite requirements.

TEMPERATURE: In northern areas the temperature should remain above 70 degrees. If the night temperatures drops below 60 degrees this may delay flowering.

LIGHT: In the house you'll need bright light and occasionally a misting.

WATER: This plant likes it a bit on the dry side, but when the flowers begin to appear the watering will have to be increased. Be sure to allow good drainage. Fertilize from once a month to once a week depending on growth pattern and environmental factors.

Periodic wrapping or weaving on a trellis or wire form will be necessary because of the climbing nature of the plant. Pruning during the off-season is simple and easy to do. The vines that are cut off may be severed into individual nodes or "eye-cuttings" and used to propagate new plants. Rooting is fairly slow and be sure to use a well aerated potting medium.

If you would like to use the flowers in some sort of an arrangement, it is best to harvest them when fully open. These flowers may be kept up to four days in a cool (40 degrees or so) and moist atmosphere. Do not place them in water.

This is a seasonal plant with limited availability in 10" pots in late spring.