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TETRASTIGMA - Chestnut Vine

10 TetraStigma

An awesome plant related to oak and grape ivy, this giant vine needs a large area and strong supports. They have 5 leaflets forming a leaf that can grow up to a foot across when mature. The leaves are shiny with jagged edges and have the tendency to exude tiny nodules of fluids on their undersides that are often mistaken as insects. Tetrastigma can grow 5 to 8 feet a year. They make an excellent plant for office buildings or malls because of their size.

TEMPERATURE: They like to be kept on the cooler side.

WATER: Water thoroughly when dry to the touch. Do not let stand in water. Keep humidity high with frequent misting. This plant does not like warm, dry air.

LIGHT: Provide good air movement and a brightly lit location away from direct sunlight.

This is a plant that will need to be kept in line. If you do not have the endless space it can use, you’ll have to prune it quite regularly.  Grow as a hanging plant or staked on strong supports.



TetraStigma Leaf Back This next photo is the back of a "young" leaf.  This plant tends to exude tiny nodules of fluids on its undersides and that is often mistaken as pests.  When the leaf is young, the nodules are a milky white color, like on the leaf in the photo below.  As the leaves mature, the nodules turn dark.  In either case, they are NOT pests and it is simply the nature of this plant.