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Crassula 'Calico Kitten'
crassula-calicokitten This succulent is a great hanging basket that will add an element of interest to anyt patio or porch. It has small, spade-shape leaves that trail from the pot as the plant matures. Like all succulents, it should be handled with care sinc e the leave and branches are fragile and will break off easily when handled excessively.

LIGHT: This plant loves bright light, even full sunlight. Place is a bright location where there will be several hours of full sun during the day.

TEMPERATURE: This is a perennial that is hardy to Zone 10. This means it must not be allowed to go below freezing. It does best if kept at or above 55°F.

WATER: Drench the soil then allow to dry almost completely before drenching again. Do NOT allow the plant to sit in water.

Not intended for human or animal consumption.

This plant is most often available in 8" hanging baskets.